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Nurse Naomi Essay

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The students had congenial smiles as they shuffled about the maze of exam rooms on the main level. The delegation met a handful of patients. The group did their utmost to be unobtrusive.

Doctor Elizabeth gave a brief backstory of building, which had a history of various attacks. It was obvious that repairs were modest. The structure formerly housed Saddam Hussein's Northeastern military operations.

"Our mentality challenged patients are housed on the second floor," Doctor Elizabeth spoke, while she begun the stairs and continued, "Minister, I have to forewarn you that this might be disturbing to some of your group."

Minister Mike said, "Thanks for the warning, but we are here on an aide ...view middle of the document...

Both of whom had just made their way up the stairs, and shared glances.

Mr Pisher remained as his computer Tablet videoed the ward. He thought this was a journalistic goldmine regardless the needs around him. He could see the Pulitzers Award in his grasp.

An academic concerned Ms Loren spoke, "Maybe, I should check on Giselle."

It was a statement than question as Ms Loren departed.

"I am sorry. We do not have the staff nor the funds to address all the necessities," Doctor Elizabeth apologized.

"Maybe, we could help," suggested Minister Mike.

The Minister looked about the ward with its handful of bedding cots. While others rested on a foam pads or bed sheets on the floor. Majority of these patients had suffered mental illness along with their injuries.

The wounded ranged from six to ninety-two years old. Privacy was a luxury. Conversations were interrupted with occasional shrieks and uncontrollable sobbing.

The roommates of Tim and Kwan felt an uneasiness. Guilt slipped into their consciousness.

Laying on a foam pad in the farthest corner was a middle-aged man. He moaned and cried in his native tongue to no prevail. His commotion became louder. Finally, the lone frustrated floor Nurse came to his side.

Her wavy red hair draped around her freckled face as she knelt next to the middle age man. His speech was definitely worrisome in tone.

The exasperated Nurse scolded, "Sir, Remember I told you I don't understand Arabic," then the Nurse continued with her British accent to hush the bug-eyed man as she inquired, "What do you want? Please tell me."

The man pointed upwards to the twirling torn plastic covers where the sunlight flashed above him. This only confused student Nurse. The weather outside was perfect. No rain in sight. The newly appointed Nurse begun to fret, while her superior approached. The Doctor simply tolerated Nurse Naomi.

Nurse Naomi stared back at the man. His eyes glazed in bewilderment. She speculated that the man was intoxicated. It would not be the first time alcohol had been smuggled into the ward.

She found a near emptied water bottle next the mattress pad, and lift his head to give him some water. The man begun to choke as the water dribbled down his chin.

Oh my God, Naomi thought. What happened?

The man's head begun to shudder in her fingers. Naomi noticed his body jerked like marionette without its puppeteer. His arm knocked the water bottle out of her hand spilling its contents over the man's clothes. Naomi squeal in panic. His head dropped out of her hand and landed on the pad.

"Liz!" The Nurse cried. ...

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