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Nurse Occupational Stress Essay

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We need to be aware that all stress is not negative. Selye a famous psychologist held for two categories of stress, namely good or desirable stress (eustress) and bad or undesirable stress (distress). Eustress is pleasant, or at least challenging, and it always produced maximization of output. It is evident that without this positive inner stimuli no one can be effective in ones life. Distress is something negative and has no capacity to monitor or control a stress filled event in ones life. Here one fails to control oneself and become a slave to stress causing distress and loss to oneself and to the organization he or she belongs. A physical or psychological response is mandatory to occur stress in any living being. (Middleton, 2009).
Occupational stress among the health professionals has been a global problem for years now. It can have an adverse mental and physical health consequences and can lead to decreased satisfaction with one's job. For a small group of employees it can even lead to a burnout and sick leaves. Job stress thus has not only negative consequences on themselves, but also for the organization they work. Estimates are that 10% of the Gross National Product in European countries is lost due to stress related absenteeism and turnover. Although absenteeism' in health care is declining the past few years, it is still high compared to other stressful occupational settings such as education, catering industry or transport (Roy, 2010)

The researcher has carried out this study in a private hospital in India named Jubilee Memorial Hospital Thiruvananthapuram. In this study the researcher has focused on the occupational stress of the nurses. This study is an attempt to identify the cause and consequences of occupational stress of the nurses. This study also will identify the need to have an effective stress management strategy to promote quality nursing care in the hospital.


Occupational stress can be explained as ‘a discomfort which is felt and perceived at a personal level and triggered by instances that are too intense and frequent in nature so as to exceed a person’s coping capabilities and resources to handle them adequately’. (Perriwe and Gavoster, 2010) Evidence from researches suggests that certain individuals in a variety of occupations are increasingly exposed to unacceptable levels of job-related atmosphere it makes them burnout (Aamodt, 2009). Therefore, Occupational stress can be defined as ‘a harmful physical and emotional response that occur when the requirements of a job do not match the capabilities of the worker’. “This pressure at work can be positive, leading to increased productivity” (Baer, 2006). However, when this pressure becomes too much to handle, it has a negative impact. Here the individuals look themselves as being unable to cope and not to possess the necessary skills to challenge this...

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