Nurse Practioners Play A Huge Role In Health Care In Canada

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Intraprofessional Project: Role Clarity
Maha Timraz
Conestoga College
Karen Singleton

Intraprofessional Project: Role Clarity
Nurses are one of the largest portion of health care workers in Canada (Kosier pg. 3). They played a big part in shaping the Canadian health care system and have made a recognized impact on the health of patients, patient’s families, and their communities (Kosier pg. 3). This project is a description of nursing as a Regulated Health Profession which means it is an occupation that requires extensive education and training to gain a body of knowledge and is regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (Kosier). Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse that has additional education and nursing experience ( In this paper I will provide information on the roles of the Nurse Practitioner, The education and training required to be a nurse practitioner, the impact nurse practitioners have on our healthcare, and the places of employment for nurse practitioners.
Roles of Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses with additional education and with more nursing experience (Kosier pg. 31). They play a big role in providing the best health care possible and making health care more accessible because of their wide scope of practice ( Working collaboratively with other health care providers, Nurse Practitioners are able to provide quality care for patients, while performing other additional skills such as, order tests, prescribe medications, and diagnose and manage chronic illnesses. They are health care professionals who treat the patients as a whole by caring for their physical and mental health, gathering their medical history, while focusing on how their illness affects their lives, and educating patients and their families to live a healthy life and teaching them how to live with and manage chronic illnesses (NPnow). Nurse practitioners provide direct care and education to clients of all ages, while educating family (NPnow). In addition, they teach individuals and their families about healthy living, preventing diseases and managing illnesses (NPnow). Nurse practitioners bring together the medical knowledge needed to diagnose and treat illnesses with the values and skills of nursing which is treating the whole person (NPnow). Nurse practitioners are leaders, consultants and researchers, incorporating new knowledge into their practice (NPnow). They are part of a team and collaborate with registered nurses, doctors, social workers and others to provide care (NPnow). Nurse practitioners bring value to Canadians and their health care system. Studies about the benefits of nurse practitioners and about patients’ experiences show that nurse practitioners involve patients in decisions related to their care, improve access to primary health care, reduce pressures on the health care system, and are valued and trusted by patients (NPnow). Knowing that is very important because...

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