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Nurse´S Patient Evaluation Essay

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The purpose of the paper is to discuss the activities involved during the evaluation of a patient. Evaluation of a patient can be seen as the process of examining a patient critically. It comprises of gathering and analyzing data about a patient and the illness (Allan, 2012). The core reason is to make judgment about the disease one is suffering from. Such judgment will guarantee proper treatment and diagnosis. Typically, gathering of information from the patient is the role of nurses while making judgment and prescription is the doctor’s role (Jacques, 1988). In any case all practitioners are required to know how to evaluate a patient.
Traditionally nurse’s role in evaluating a patient has ...view middle of the document...

Routine laboratory tests are necessary to try and establish the specifics of the disease (Jacques, 1988). Other diagnostic procedures can also be carried out.
Physical examination must involve the suitable measurement of blood pressure, with contralateral arm confirmation. Optic fundi examination is also done. Further examination requires calculating the mass index of the body, the BMI calculation, measuring the circumference of the waist is equally helpful (Allan, 2012). There is the auscultation for abdominal, femoral bruits and carotid. Practitioners will also perform thyroid gland palpation, deep examination of lungs and heart. They will also examine the abdomen in case of kidney enlargement, urinary bladder that is distended, masses, and any aortic pulsation that is abnormal. Further tests will involve lower extremities palpation, for pulses and edema (Alice, 1985). Neurological assessment can also be done during patient evaluation.
Before initiating any treatment, routine laboratory tests are highly recommended. They focus on urinalysis, hematocrit, creatinine, and serum potassium and...

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