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A disaster is not a simple emergency. A disaster is that point when a human is suffering and has a devastating situation which they themselves need help from others to survive. Regardless if natural or human caused, a disaster causes a vast amount of issues in the community. In the simulation of “Disaster in Franklin County reveals that preparation is key and even with that more can be addressed. A community nurse remains an essential part of the team involved in a disaster including before, during, and after the event.
Role of the Major Public Health Personnel including Public Health Nurse
As public health professionals, community health nurses have a significant role to play in both disaster preparedness and response (Clark, 2008). Disaster preparation involves the public health personnel as a result of the knowledge of the community and its inhabitants. As public health personnel are knowledgeable of potential issues with patients and environment. Community nurses use their nursing process of assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. Prior to the disaster, the community is assessed by the nurse by identifying high risk residents like a ventilator dependent patients who would be affected by the loss of electricity. In addition, being aware which businesses or buildings can be damaged if a disaster should occur needs to be considered. For example, water treatment plant in Franklin County provided clean county water. It no longer has electricity and loss the ability to provide clean water. The publics’ water is at risk of contamination which easily harbor bacteria that lead to lead to epidemic like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). The possibility lead to 3 point public announcement to address concerns of water safety. High flood areas address the application of sandbags in certain neighborhoods which are acknowledged as such. The development of care plan for issues identified during assessment which involves much education leaflets, announcements, and further announcements.

Chain of Command
The nurse joins at the Emergency Operation Center the Incident Commander who in this situation is the Fire Chief. The training of the staff prior to the incident delivered the confidence and understanding even shorthand what their assignments were and how to fulfill. The public health nurse was under the Public Health Group which was under the direction of Medical Health Branch. The Operating officer lead the group under the Incident even though it appears this community nurse directly spoke to and reported to Incident Commander. Each groups responsibilities included discuss their findings, suggested interventions, and plan to implement. The nurse with assigned multidisciplinary taskforce to go door to door interviewing neighborhoods to assess needs of all victims. Reporting findings, suggested interventions and evaluation of effectiveness of interventions and plans.
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