Nurseries Must Work In Partnership With Parents

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Promoting positive relationships is important towards a child’s fulfilment and towards how the child may develop. Positive relationships in a nursery are essential in helping to settle a child in and to benefit the child whilst they are in a new environment. Parent partnership links into this as it guides the child and benefits them in many different ways. This essay will be an in-depth case study on homelink books which will then be evaluated using parent partnership. For practitioners to plan effectively towards children’s development needs, parent partnership is essential because parents are the child’s first educators. Fitzgerald (2004) stated that “partnerships within early years settings are about reciprocal relationships: the influence that the family has on the setting and the influence of the setting on the family”. Parent partnership has several key features, one of which is that practitioners know the needs of the child. Practitioners need to know how the child is and how their needs are so they can fulfil them to the best of their ability. In Early Years settings daily sheets are filled out to inform parents about their child’s progress throughout the day, practitioners then feedback to parents about the child’s overall day. Sure Start (2000) look at the importance of establishing continuity between home and early years settings in order to develop relationships between parents. Progress files are completed for practitioners to see how the child is developing within their learning, parents are involved in this due to many settings showing them their child’s development. Procedures such as enrolment forms are filled out in Early Years settings so that practitioners know about the child’s development, history, health and culture. In Nurseries, a ‘key person approach’ is used which focuses and is aimed at enabling close attachments between children and the nursery staff. The Key person approach involves parent partnership as it “ensures that parents have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with someone” Elfer, Goldschmied, Selleck (2003, pg 18). Parent partnership has an importance within Early Years settings, many settings use different approaches towards parental contributions such as the child’s learning journeys, emails and photographs. Overall parent partnership has a massive impact on the way Early Years settings are run, without parent partnership nurseries would not have the key information to help and ensure the child is at the right stage of their development or to fulfil their needs. “When parents and practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have appositive impact on the child’s development and learning”. QCA/DfEE (2000, pg 9). Parent partnership involves an active participation between both parent and practitioner, in order for it to work in collaboration. Once parent partnership has been established, parents feel able to talk to practitioners about problems they may be occurring. Many...

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