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Nursing Practice Guidelines

Practice guidelines are scientifically proven reports that help doctors, nurses, carers and patients in coming to a decision regarding specific type of health care for a particular clinical circumstances. (McKinley, Parmer, Saint-Amand & Darbin, 2006, 57) Qualities of effective practice guidelines are




clinical applicability

clinical flexibility


multidisciplinary process

review of evidence


However, it is of vital importance to understand that these guidelines do not all the time account for individual dissimilarity among patients. Their purpose is not to replace doctor's opinion with respect to particular patients or any particular clinical condition. (Navahandi & Aranda, 2006, 180)

Educational Theory of Nursing

The body of information which is being utilized to explain or elaborate several features of nursing profession is called Nursing Theory. (Warner, E. (2005, 250)

Kinds of Nursing Theories

Grand Nursing Theories

Grand nursing theories possess the vast scope and propose broader concepts and suggestions. Such type of theories reveal and provide insights valuable for hospitals but are not intended for experimental testing. (Navahandi, 2006, 180) This minimises the chances of application of grand nursing theories for designing, demonstrating, and foreseeing nursing in some situations. Such type of theories are utilized for almost all levels of nursing.

Mid-range nursing theories

Middle-range nursing theories are not vast unlike grand nursing theories in scope and propose a valuable connection between nursing practice and grand nursing theories. Such theories present concepts and propositions at an inferior level of generalization and possess great scope for high trend of theory-based investigation and nursing practice strategies. (Warhurst, Grugulis and Keep, 2007)

Nursing practice theories

Nursing practice theories possess the narrowest scope and level of generalization and are designed to be utilized for only limited variety of nursing situations. Nursing practice theories offer frameworks for nursing intrusions, and foresee results and the effects of nursing practice. (Stelzer, 2008, 25)

In the last 15 years, nursing in the United Kingdom have increased its reliance on skilled work groups or teams. Although the initial motivation...

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