Nursing: An Account Of The Subject Area.

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I am presently employed as an enrolled nurse on the bank of a large general trust hospital in the north west of England. I qualified as an enrolled nurse in 1972. At present I work on a male medical ward, which has twenty-five beds. Some common disorders which patients suffer from in the area where I work are: Complication of Diabetes, Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Chest infections, Hypertension, Chronic confusion. I estimate that 80% of our patient fall within the 55 to 80 age group.There are common factors with most of these people, they often feel frightened about being in hospital and they feel vulnerable. Many have no family or friends for support. This is their hour of need and if communication is poor they can suffer even more.The RCN adviser in nursing practice Rosie Wilkinson (2000) tells us "we tend to think of vulnerability as only applying to people who are older, disabled in some way or children. We should acknowledge the simple fact that if someone is ill they may feel vulnerable" She also quotes "as a patient you may talk to a consultant who is wearing a smart suit. If you are half dressed you will feel vulnerable". My motivation to look further into this subject arose from various different encounters. While waiting for my pin number (about three months), I worked as an auxiliary nurse for the bank during which time, I covered many different wards. I didn't tell the other auxiliary nurses that I was an enrolled nurse, as I wanted to feel part of the team. This was my biggest eye opener. They would talk in the presence of the patient about their night out, how many pints they drank the night before and how that person was "trashed". The conversation was quite inappropriate they would openly tell the patient the same story. This cannot instil confidence in our profession.The Nursing and Midwifery Council code of Professional Conduct (2002) states (1.2) that as a registered nurse or midwife you must uphold and enhance the good reputation of the professions. Also (7.1) states behaviour that compromises this reputation may call your registration into question even if it is not directly connected to your professional practice.I personally find it difficult to listen to personal things about the patient when doctors make their rounds. They pull the curtains, but that does not close out the talking. I wouldn't want everyone else on the ward listening to my private and personal business. This is where the relevance and need for advocacy comes in. All too often the health care teams forget there are other people in the ward listening to everything they say.We as carers have a duty to point out to anyone on the health care team that they are breaching patient confidentiality. Patient confidentiality means we are entrusted with the secret confidences of another. The N.M.C Professional Code of Conduct (2002) binds us. (2.2)O'Neil (2000) states that "good communication makes for better relationships between staff and patients." It was in the news...

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