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Developing the Roles and Responsibilities of The Qualified Nurse Teaching and Facilitating OthersAs a registered nurse or indeed as a student nurse undertaking training,teaching others may it be peers, clients or their families is an importantfactor that is practised in a variety of contexts, day to day.As The Code of Professional Conduct (2002) states the nurse is personallyaccountable for their practice and must maintain and improve professionalknowledge and competence. It also states that the role of the nurse iscertainly to work in an open and co-operative manner with patients, clientsand their families, foster their independence and recognise and respecttheir involvement in the planning and delivery of care.Indeed if patients are to be involved in the planning of this care, theirunderstanding and learning of their illness/reason for their stay in hospitalis of paramount importance. When teaching others nurses must be activerather than passive, practice in a variety of contexts, using measurableobjectives and understand the importance of motivation.It is therefore important to understand as a nurse, that different peoplemay learn in many different ways, and that differing approaches may have tobe taken into consideration. There are various learning theories andapproaches to maximise understanding.Knowles (1984) theory of andragogy is an attempt to develop a theoryspecifically for adult learning. Andragogy makes assumptions about thedesign of learning. Adults need to know why they need to learn something,adults need to learn experientially. Adults approach learning as problemsolving and finally adults learn best when the topic is of immediate value.Knowles theory identifies that strategies such as case studies, role-playing,simulation and self -evaluation are most useful.There are four principles of andragogy as identified by Knowles. The firstidentifies that adults need to be involved in the planning and evaluation oftheir instruction. Experience (including mistakes) provides the basis forlearning activities. Adults are most interested in learning subjects that haveimmediate relevance to their job or personal life and finally adult learning isproblem- centred, rather than context- orientated. This theory of adultlearning certainly supports the way teaching that clients may be taught in aclinical environment as previously mentioned in the Code of ProfessionalConduct.B.F.Skinners theory of operant conditioning is based upon the idea thatlearning is a function of change in overt behaviour. Changes in behaviour arethe result of an individual's response to events (stimuli) that occur in theenvironment (B.F.Skinner 1957). A response produces a consequence. When aparticular stimulus response pattern is reinforced (rewarded) the individualis conditioned to respond.Operant conditioning has been widely applied in clinical settings as well asteaching and instructional development. Skinners theory recognised thatpractice should take the form of question-...

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