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A nursing director in a hospital organization is the chief of all nurses employed in the healthcare institution. He or she is appointed by the administrative body or a group of stock holders of the agency in accordance to the criteria stated by the policies of the organization as well as in congruence to the Nursing Law being applied in the state or location. By education and management experience, a registered nurse is given an administrative position wherein he or she can facilitate the implementation of the organization’s mission and vision statement to its personnel.
The nursing director also works with the medical director in terms of implementing policies and procedures that involves collaboration between a nurse and other health care members. He or she is involves in planning stage of the whole organization. The nursing director can be called as the chief nurse. With his or her supervision, the nurses have a representative in the administration. As the nurses comprised the most number of the health care personnel being employed in a health care institution, they deserve to have a well motivated leader and mentor in the person of a nursing director.
Aside from the administrative power, the nursing director also monitors the flow of supplies used in each unit. He or she is also present in times of product presentation in order to facilitate the good choice of technology to be used in each unit of the hospital in effort to deliver safe and effective nursing care to all the patients. An aspiring registered nurse must be prepared both educationally and technically in order to tackle all the responsibilities of a nursing director in the future.
Roles and Responsibilities
As the nursing director serves as the executive body of the nursing staff, each recognized organization of registered nurses across the globe has its similarity in terms of designating roles and responsibilities of nursing directors. Here are as follows:
1. Administration – He or she carries full administrative responsibility and authority for the entire nursing service of the hospital. The policies and procedures as well as objectives of each unit is always verified by the nursing director so that it will be congruent with the whole organization’s reason for existence.
2. Policy Maker- As a leader, he or she is sensitive enough to participate in formulating hospital policies in developing and evaluating programs and services. The experience in the institution would speak of how the nursing director would design the hospital policies. Most of the time, the...

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