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Nursing Education And Quality Patient Care

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Adequate levels of nurses who are suitably educated and equipped are needed to address the challenging quality and protection issues persistent in health care. Nursing deficiency is not only viewed as workforce issue, but also as an issue of eminence care. In the health care systems, 80% of registered nurses comprise the professions in place of 2.6 million jobs. This lays a base under which their significance and impacts on health delivery to patients is underscored. Among the common roles expected of a registered nurse is: providing patients in hospital with direct care, setting emergencies, providing care in community health arenas, home health and other places of care (Joint Commission, 2010). As indicated by (Delamaire& Lafortune, 2010), a nurse practitioner carry out roles such as diagnosing, screening, pharmaceutical prescriptioning, medical testing, prevention and health education activities, and monitoring patients with persistent illnesses as well as coordinating care. Clinical nurses on the other hand, where they exist, perform clinical practice, educating, researching and leadership roles.

Trends in Nursing Education for Patient Care
Contrary to hiring more nurses to address the numerous issues connected to excellence and gainful care delivery, highly educated nurses are needed to cope with intricate population of patients with escalating levels of unceasing diseases and acutely sick while getting health care. With the current social, economic, political and technological trends, a more diverse workforce is needed. Changes in; population demographics, pressures of cost lowering, rational staffing levels, and technological advancements among other trends, necessitates a transformed nursing workforce (Joint Commission, 2010). Other examples of social, economic and political pressures include; healthcare expenses, increased health attention and well-being, development in managed care, demand for more knowledge and self-care skills, advocacy for self-help groups, and disease recognition among others.
According to Lindeman (2000), the frequently mentioned forces include policy of market-driven economy, technology, demographics, and explosion of knowledge. The four views will be presented as the changes in the nursing education.
Policy of market driven economy
As argued by Lindeman (2000), funding of public school and making education available to all between 12 and 14 years, funding Medicare and Medicaid with dollars of tax, and building roads and subsidizing transportation, made people of United States believe that their government was a medium that improved the lives of general public and that promoted common good in 20th century era. Due to escalating demand in prisons, transportation, education, welfare, and health care, the situation had to change around 1980s because there was inadequate fund to cater for the above named burden. As a mechanism for regulating expenses and ensuring quality, the federal government...

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