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Nursing Ethics At Workplace Essay

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Running Head: PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICSPersonal and Organizational Ethics[Writer Name][Institute Name][Course name and number][Name of paper][Instructor's name][Date submitted]Personal and Organizational EthicsIn my experience as an employee, whether a nurse or working furniture delivery person, was deception sometimes part of the people that is not something nice to see at work. A manager wants to stores when I was working as a warehouse manager for the furniture store, to see if another manager would like to go together to buy and a container of furniture. If you buy a bowl full of furniture you can get it a lot cheaper than if you buy by the piece or group. The other director that the tables and chairs were nice tables and chairs, it would be a good deal for both of them. Director II did not know that the furniture was very cheap and will not hold up to a lot.The reason was work to be done in the office because the information in the attached documents were working on were not needed to be seen by anyone other than the company's employees. With complete documentation began in-house employee, and you can see their family members probably what was in the documents and whether the information for some reason got ever it can cause trouble for the company. Now protect information today under HIPPA regulations and very critical that anyone in the field of health care to follow the laws of HIPPA. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) states that "the transformation of the medical records from paper to electronic formats has increased the likelihood of individuals to access and use and disclosure of sensitive data and personal health" (Aulisio and Arnold, 2003) despite the fact that the employee has a right to know information that work and family members of these employees do not. This is the case, it is unethical for family members to consider this information and the employee must make sure they do not leave easily accessible.The deception that was running deep in the veins of the first manager was not apparent until the furniture arrived at the warehouse and started being unpackaged. Some pieces of the furniture did not even make it through the packaging phase without being damaged because it was so cheaply built (McDaniel, 2004). The trust that the second...

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