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Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Essay

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With the aging population growing faster every year many families must make a difficult decision whether their loved ones should live in assisted living or nursing home facilities. I can relate because I made the decision to care for my mother at my home. Some people do not have the money or resources to care for their parent so they must live in a facility for health and safety reasons.

These facilities are regulated by the state and federal government and these regulations protects the senior residents. For example it is mandatory for the facilities in Texas to provide mandatory services such as daily living activities like dressing, feeding or help prepare meals and cleaning. Depending on the facility license the staff would have to assist with financial management and certain medical services. Even though the federal government developed guidelines the state can make their own as long as it complies with the federal government. Some organizations may accept private pay while others accepted Medicaid. Regulations are developed to protect residence that from being in an unsafe environment. As a result some assisted living and nursing homes are unable to continue services by having fines or closing for an unknown amount of time. Since each state has different set of regulations I will focus on the state regulations in Texas because it is the state I reside in. The organization in Texas that regulates assisted living and nursing homes is the Department of Aging and Disability services(DADS).

In Texas assisted living facilities are licensed as a Type A, Type B, or Type C .It is based on the residents ability to evacuate the facility or other types of services the facility provide.
Type A
1. Must be physically and mentally capable of evacuating the facility without physical assistance from staff,
2. Does not require routine attendance during nighttime sleeping hours; and
3. Able to follow direction during emergency events.
4. Ability to demonstrate to DADS that they can perform the evacuation requirements

Type B.

1. Needs staff assistance to evacuate;
2. Must have attendance during night.
3. Unable to follow directions during emergency conditions
4. Needs assistance in transferring to and from a wheelchair, but not be permanently bed ridden.

Type C is a four-bed facility.
1. Has an active contract with DADS to provide adult foster care services.
2. Contracted with DADS to provide adult foster care services.

These license are important for the safety of the residents and the staff. the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code (LSC) is incorporated in the standards for DADS. This code covers building safety and operational services. These standard are developed to provide safety from fire, smoke and ...

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