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Improving Transitions of Care With an Advanced Practice Nurse: A Pilot Study
In the article entitled “Improving Transitions of Care With an Advanced Practice Nurse: A Pilot Study” written by Martha Tan-Fu Hsueh, DNP, RN-BC, and Kathleen Shannon Dorcy, RN, PhD, there lies a well thought out study which analyzes gaps in complex care between inpatient and outpatient settings and how these gaps can result in treatment and monitoring delays and omissions, which can in turn negatively affect patient outcomes. The aim of their study was “to reduce length of stay, lower admission rates, and decrease delays and missed in treatment during transitions from inpatient to outpatient care” (Hsueh & Dorcy, 1). It is an interesting topic of study as many members of the healthcare team have taken notice on how these areas are important and need to change because as the healthcare team and system advances, the more these kinds of errors can slip through our system. There has been, however, little change in many years and in order to make a difference for the better, it must be demonstrated that it is vital to improving the care given to patients and implementations made in order to move healthcare in the proper direction.
I believe that this article showed many distinct ways in which the healthcare system can be improved for the better by pointing out specific problems and showing specific solutions and how they could work in practice. As stated by Hsueh and Dorcy, “timely communication among team members is essential to orchestrate care coordination from admission to discharge,” could not ring anymore true to me. At my hospital, although one of the number one hospitals in New York, there is a large lack of communication between interdisciplinary team members which almost always leads to a detriment in the care of the patient. An example of this is while working one day, one of my patient’s wounds dehisced and the surgical team was not communicating with the main healthcare team covering the patient who also was not communicating with the bedside nurse which led to the wound being dressed many different ways, ultimately leading to the infection and dehiscence. It is of upmost importance that communication strategies are updated with better policy and procedure as the healthcare field keeps expanding, again, these errors will most likely worsen over time if nothing is done. I believe that by this study bringing this into the light and using the idea of doing daily team rounds with all members treating that patient at that time would realign plans and improve gaps in care by guaranteeing proper quality measures (Hsueh & Dorcy, 2016).
Hsueh and Dorcy delve into many other different gaps in care as well as identified by NPSG...

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