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Nursing Informatics Today Essay

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In the late 1960s, the first computer systems were installed in hospitals (Murphy,2010). The computer systems started in the basements of hospitals and now are in every nursing unit. Nursing informatics allows for a more efficient and faster delivery of health care. Nursing informatics is a way of keeping patient information properly organized and creating patient care plans.
The first definition of nursing informatics was published by the American Nurses Association in 1994. Nursing Informatics is the specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science in identifying, collecting, processing, and managing data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research, and the expansion of nursing knowledge (Murphy, 2010). The term nursing informatics has greatly changed since the 1970’s and has evolved ever since. Today, nursing informatics is defined as the science and practice that integrates nursing, its information and knowledge, with management of information and communication technologies that promote the health of people, families, and communities worldwide (Murphy 2011). Nursing informatics is a new and diverse informatics specialty that allows nurses to work beyond patient care to be able to positively impact patient care.
Nursing informatics has many advantages. It allows nurses and other medical professionals to retrieve, monitor, and analyze clinical information for each patient. Because it is now capable for all information to be put into a network of databases, there is no longer a paper trail of health records which means information has a greater chance of not being misplaced. Through health informatics, some labor-intensive medical procedures can be automated, thereby saving health care dollars (Murphy, 2011). Preventing human error; such as, physician medical orders can be computerized, decreasing the potential for mistaken interpretation of written orders and malpractice lawsuits. This prevention is also another great advantage to nursing informatics.
Although there are many advantages to...

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