Nursing Interventions Essay

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Nursing Interventions
In caring for patients with differing cultural backgrounds nursing theorist Madeline Leininger suggests three major modalities—culture care preservation or maintenance, accommodation or negotiation, and repatterning or restructuring—to help nurses provide cultural competent care (Sagar, 2012). In the hypothetical situation that I was caring for Ginny as a patient in an acute care setting I would incorporate nursing interventions, or care modalities, unique to her cultural needs into the care plan. First I would use cultural accommodation to assess anxiety and emotional distress through subtle changes in body language and affect, instead of relying on facial expression ...view middle of the document...

A third intervention necessary for Ginny would be to assess for the use of herbals, and evaluate the interactions of any medications with the herbal remedies. Depending on the presence of drug interactions, herbal use may be preserved or repatterned. If Ginny’s herbal supplements did not cause any interactions with her medication the behavior could be preserved, and education regarding safety and quality of herbals would be initiated. Conversely, if the herbals caused any drug interactions the behavior would require repatterning to avoid the use of herbal supplements while taking a particular medication. In an effort to preserve the cultural practices of the patient avoidance of herbals may be limited to the time period she is prescribed the medication, and she may be allowed to resume use after physician’s approval. If the patient is adamant about taking the herbal supplements, drug dosing may be altered to compensate for effects of the herbal medication after careful consideration by the pharmacist and physician. Interventions regarding use of herbals may fall under Leininger’s culture care repatterning or culture care preservation modalities, depending on the specifics herbs and medications of the patient and whether the cultural practice risks causing harm to the patient.
Transcultural Nursing Standard of Practice
Caring for Ginny as a nurse would require use of transcultural standards of practice, including the standard of gaining knowledge of cultures and the standard for culturally competent practice. To maintain the transcultural standard of gaining knowledge of cultures, nurses must acquire an understanding of their patient’s cultural traditions, beliefs, practices, perspectives, as well as their cultural community and family setting (Douglas et al., 2011). In the care of Ginny, and other Chinese-American patients, nurses must assess cultural beliefs and practices in order to gain understanding of the patient’s influences on health promoting behavior, harmful or risky behaviors, and social support structures. Understanding Chinese-American cultures allows nurses to manage practices such as use of herbals, high starch foods, and limited emotional support from family. In addition, caring for Ginny would require nurses to uphold the standard of culturally competent practice. This entails the use of transcultural knowledge and understanding to implement nursing care that is culturally sensitive and congruent (Douglas et al., 2011). For Ginny this would necessitate using knowledge of Chinese-American culture to provide sensitive nursing care, such as not pressuring the patient to freely discuss or express personal emotions if she is not comfortable with it. Chinese-Americans prefer to keep to themselves; therefore expecting the patient to act otherwise would be in opposition to cultural norms. Nurses must use interviewing and assessment to acquire knowledge about the culture of their patients, and apply that knowledge in the delivery of...

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