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Knowledge of the job description, coupled by the performance evaluation process, builds the foundation for initial and continued employment for all employees throughout an organization. Once the job description is finalized in writing, it is required that every employee review and sign this document at initial employment and when any modifications are made. The essential functions section of the evaluation is specific to each role and is a portion of the overall performance appraisal process. These essential functions are unique to each role and are derived from the job description. To effectively evaluate nurses’ work performance, the field needs to define nurse’s work more precisely and establish smart ways of measuring the impact (Ladden, 2009). In this writers facility, evaluation of the performance of employees is conducted after the first ninety days of employment and then annually. The annual evaluation process is conducted for all staff throughout the entire month of March. Overall, the probationary period review is effective in that allows new employees to receive feedback on their performance prior to the annual evaluation, which is tied to financial compensation. Having an established month for which all evaluations are due is much easier for leaders to accomplish, staff expectations of timeliness to be met, and insuring the date of completion is met per hospital policy.
Prior to starting the current position, a job description and formal offer letter was provided. Both were required to be signed and returned before relocation expenses would be guaranteed. Due to this position being newly established, the initial job description included input from this writer and was determined to be as comprehensive as possible given the position was new to the organization and many aspects of the role would be further developed during the probationary period. After the initial assessment, which was completed during the ninety-day probationary period, it became obvious that although the role was to focus on nursing quality and informatics, neither could be improved without a strong clinical education department. Therefore, the role was expanded to include operational responsibility for the staff development and training department. Although this expansion was unanticipated, the overall decision was in the best interest of the organizational structure and needs. All aspects identified within the job description are performed frequently; however there are no specific clinical functions that are required of the role even after the expansion to include staff development occurred.
All open positions are posted internally on the house wide electronic web-portal. External postings are posted on the hospital web-site, this is only done at the request of the hiring leader. Certain difficult to recruit and executive level positions are eligible for the assistance of an external recruiter. This...

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