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Nursing Model Essay

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             Team is a one of nursing care delivery model that are carried by a group or team of nurses with various levels of education, skills, and professional registration status. The team nursing focuses in shared responsibility through teamwork of the members of nurses.    Members of team nursing are consisted with RNs, LPNs and NAs. These team members provide care to groups of patients according to their level of skills.
             Roles of team leader include planning care, delegation work to members of group based on their levels of skills, licensure and education, evaluating quality of care carried out by team members. Also, they arrange issues arise due to staff ...view middle of the document...

             Through the team nursing model, numbers of medication incidents declined at the 12-month follow up, medication errors at 18-month follow up, adverse intravenous outcomes at 6 and 12-month follow up. Also, lowered pain scores were noted in team nursing model (Ritin Fernandez RN MN (Critical Care) PhD, 2012). Since, tasks of member of team nursing are divided according to their levels, skills, and licensure, RNs are able to have more time with patients and educate patients about medication, intravenous therapy, and pain management more than before. As a result, numbers of medication incidents and pain score were declined.
             However, due to varying skills of members of team nursing, higher numbers of fall incident noted in team nursing (Ritin Fernandez RN MN (Critical Care) PhD, 2012). Also, compared to increased time of RNs and quality of care of team nursing, no significant difference noted in patient satisfaction and length of patient's stay compared to other nursing care models (Ritin Fernandez RN MN (Critical Care) PhD, 2012).           
             Improved staff job satisfaction, job vacancy rate, and reduced number of sick leave noted in team nursing(Ritin Fernandez RN MN (Critical Care) PhD, 2012), (Fowler J, 2006). Also, team nursing is noted with better environment for new graduate and junior nurses to learn compared with other nursing models (Fowler J, 2006)....

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