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Introduction The nursing process consists of five Phases; Assessing, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluating. The process was developed by Ida Jean Orlando in 1958 as she observed that that the patient need to be the most important part of the nurse’s care and the nursing care should be directed at improving the result of patient’s care instead of the nursing goals (Camilleri,2013) .The notion of nursing process occurred in the United States throughout the yeas of the 1960s, the nursing process was formed by the American context but then it was ...view middle of the document...

(Roper, Logan, Tierany, 1996. p52).Assessing should preferably be carried out initially in the patient’s stay in the health service, but in reality it is not often likely to gather extensive information within the first few hours of the patient’s admission to the hospital. (Roper, Logan, Tierany, 1996 p53)

There are two types of nursing assessment; Data base assessment and a focus assessment. During data bases assessment, one gathers information regarding the patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. This data is obtained during the admission interview and physical examination and all information acquired during data base assessment is then used as a reference for comparing all future data and provides evidence used to identify the patient’s initial problems, and comparison of ongoing assessments with the initial base line helps to identify if the patient is improving or not. As for focus assessment
An example of nurse’s assessment is when there is a hospitalized patient in discomfort...

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