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Nursing Process Change Paper

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The pre-operative stage is an important phase in patient’s surgery process. This is the time where the patients is experiencing a lot of anxiety issues and have questions regarding the impending procedure. To help ensure good patient outcomes, it is imperative to provide complete preoperative instructions and discharge instructions (Allison & George, 2014). It is the nurses’ duty to safe guard and protects the patient’s welfare during the surgical experience. Effective preoperative preparation is known to enhance postoperative pain management and recovery. Health professionals need to be cognizant of the contextual factors that influence patients’ preoperative experiences and give context appropriate care (Aziato & Adejumo, 2014). This essays attempts to address the elements of pre-operative management and issues that could potentially cause surgery delays or cancelation at the Veterans Affairs Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VASNHS) Surgical Specialty Outpatient department. Moreover, it also depicts the need for a new pre-operative management system.

New consults for the Surgical Specialty Outpatient department comes from the primary care provider. During the initial visit the surgeon evaluates the patient and discusses the plan of care. If patient requires surgery, the surgeon orders pre-operative tests such as blood work, urine test, electrocardiogram (EKG) and chest X-rays. After completing the “buck slip,” a hand written operating room (OR) request form, the surgeon hands it to the primary care nurse of that particular Surgical Specialty clinic. The nurse then turns in a copy of the buck slip to the operating room scheduler and another copy to the nurse pre-operative unit. There are instances that the patient needs to see pre-operative medical clearance doctor to be optimized for surgery, the surgeon will request this prior to the tentative surgery date; otherwise, the patient will see the anesthesiologist and the pre-op nurse prior to surgical procedure. Before the patients leave the clinic, the primary care nurse will give them a simple instruction such as doing the blood work, EKG and chest x-ray prior to pre-operative appointments. This is the end of primary care responsibility for the pre-operative process of patients undergoing surgical procedures. The accountability of making sure the patient is ready for the surgery is then handed over to the pre-operative management nurses. Cancellation of operations in hospitals is a significant problem with far reaching consequences (Kumar & Gandhi, 2012). One of the factors contributing to this cancelation is the pre-operative process itself.
VASNHS Surgical Specialty Outpatient department has a designated pre-operative management unit that oversees the patients undergoing surgery. The predicaments stem from various guidelines or protocol originating from numerous surgeons and clinics. At present, the pre-operative nurses abide simple pre-op...

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