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CNA149-Personal Reflection

For me writing the personal reflection about why I choose to study nursing is meaningful event. The self reflection in training, which make those certain parts that need to be mentioned could assume clinched alongside encouraging students interest, self-reflection will encourage basic thinking, and in the accountable advancement of expert qualities alternately aptitudes that helps hem to gain more in the areas they are getting in to (Lautebach & Becher, 1996).
I have always dreamed and enriched, my knowledge to become a professional nurse in future. Among many educators and researchers, the self-reflection role in education plays a vital role in building a good career and interest in nursing work (Dewey’s, 1991). That work has emphasized how the self-reflection and critical thinking can contribute positively in practical professional skills. A meaningful and purposeful critical thinking, reflection of your own as a nurse is a vital tool, which can motivate nurses to acknowledge their insight (Palmer, 2007).
I was always been passionate about nursing since I completed my high school in back home Nepal, where I did most of my schooling. As my family was not able to support me for my nursing study I had to compromise at that time of my dream. When I arrived in Australia I completed my certificate III in aged care and applied my basic knowledge into the aged care sector working as an Assistant in Nursing since 2009. During my working years, while taking care and looking after patients, I have also developed my understanding and clinical knowledge of how the nursing field operate to give the comfort and satisfaction to the person in need. I have always been a helpful and caring person; this might be one of the main reasons that I understand my role as a nurse is not only for income but to support the patient the patient with quality nursing care within my skill and understanding. Seeing my skill and performance during my working hours, my colleagues and supervisor always praised my work which also encourage me to upskill my quality and knowledge as a nurse. They motivated and insisted me saying you should take nursing course so u can be a good nurse that cares more about the patient. I slowly then realized my own empowerment and passion and started thinking to take nursing my nursing skill further and seek professional nursing career. Over past years I have learned the importance of advocating my patients. In nursing profession, we came across most venerable time and situation of our patients and we help them to get out of it with our knowledge and skill and make impact in their life (, 2017). We can make more impact in our patient life especially when they are in our care and seek services from us. The clients have always stereotyped professional and compassionate nurses as guardian angles and they’re family and relative (Nursing link, 2017). This is very meaningful and satisfying for the...

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