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Nursing Theory: The Basis For Professional Nursing

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Virginia Henderson's principles are discernible in her interpretation of nurses' roles in humanity. She posits that nurses are uniquely positioned to render assistance to anyone regardless of the individual's health status in the fulfillment of activities that contribute to health or its recovery or at least, afford the individual comfort at his/her final hours. That is, the activities that the individual would have performed for self-had he/she the ability. Henderson in essence, succinctly provided a remarkable definition for nursing (Black, 2014).
The principles that Virginia Henderson laid down for nurses underlined their role in providing essentials of daily life for the individual that are in line with nursing care, hence, nurses became the necessary resources for the overall wellbeing of the patient, Usually in terms of comfort. Nurses according to Henderson must see themselves as the next best alternatives to the patient, which entails service to the patient's needs or outright partnership with the patient in provision of his/her basic need (Henderson, 1968).
Henderson proposed that the basic needs of the patient must include competency in normal breathing, be able to eat and drink sufficiently, Eliminate body waste, move and position self comfortably, have restful sleep, dress adequately and be able to undress, regulate body temperature by adjusting clothing and changing the environment, maintain proper hygiene and groom self as well as protection for the skin, keep out of dangers while not injuring others, proper communication with others and convey emotions, needs, fears, or opinions, worship in line with one's faith, work in satisfying manners, participate in recreational activities, learn, discover, or satisfy the curiosity that leads to healthy development and health, as well as the use of available health facilities. All these, she identified as necessities and lack of which requires nursing intervention as basic component of care. Nurses who based their practice on Henderson’s principal focus their care orientation on provision of her basic need theory (Black, 2014).
Henderson even decried the attitude of physicians towards nurses. She lamented that Nurses are looked upon as “followers of physicians” rather than as patient advocates, which should confers them with independence of practice. The idea of nursing, that was established and the concept of personalized plans of patient care have been enshrined in the International Council of Nursing booklet as Henderson conceived it (Henderson, 1968). Henderson’s concept of nursing may have its foundation on humanitarianism based on religious ideals of her time. Her principals channel a great deal humanistic concept of care. She proposed that of all health professions avail themselves of broad knowledge of the world and the nature of man, being able to understand and relate to people of different cultural backgrounds. Nurses are required to approach patients with discernible language and...

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