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Nursing: Transformational Leadership Essay

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The Strange Voyage
1. I think that the patient misunderstood the nurse’s intentions when he was moved from the ICU to the other places in the hospital because there was limited communication letting the know what will be happening. It seems that the patient was not familiar with the hospital, procedures and the people and because of that, the patient felt that all the interventions were to harm him. Even before the surgery, the surgeon visited the patient very quickly and told the patient this was a routine surgery. Although it may be routine, I think that it would be good to educate the patient about what will be occurring in each of the processes. In addition, when the patient was going for exams, the patient had to wonder what exam and why he was getting this procedure. Moreover, I think that he was not oriented to the time or place, and it does not seem like he was reoriented based on his responses.

2. As a nurse leader, I think that it would have been helpful to educate my team of nurses to effectively care for the patient. Communication is the key to interaction between individuals. I feel that if nurses in the ICU, OR, PACU were providing good communication between one another and with the patient, the patient would have had a better understanding of the situation. This was the first triple bypass surgery that the patient had, and it is a major event in the patient’s life. After the surgery, they are often placed in the ICU to recover so that their heart, lungs are oxygenating and pumping effectively. I think that it was an essential to communicate everything with the patient before and after the surgery.
The type of leadership management that I would use would be transformational leadership style. Transformational leadership motivates and empowers others to cause an innovation or change. It also focuses on the values of the individual and provides a vision based on similar values of the group (Harkness, & DeMarco, 2012). I think that this leadership style is useful in nursing because it allows open interaction between the leaders and the followers. It promotes patient safety because nurses will have similar values in relation to the organization’s vision, leading to better commitment to the nursing profession. I feel that transformational leaders can establish a better relationship between the staff, and motivating, empowering one another, and it strengthens the leader-follower relationship. In addition, transitional leadership is a theory that could be applicable to anyone and it could also motivate the leader to reach a higher level. In relation to the weaknesses of the transformational theory is that, if people are not willing to communicate with one another, it makes it difficult for the leader to motivate, and it concerns patient safety. Transformational leadership could be time consuming and could be hard to come to an agreement during challenging situations. Transformational leadership can change the patient’s...

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