Nurturing Mothers Of Africa Essay

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I was compelled to pull my eyelids apart to just shout out loud for pulling the curtains aside, I feel very irritated when someone sneaks in my room and pull curtains apart to let the sun shine high and bright on my face, and funnily that’s the only way to wake me up. Displeasedly I crawled towards my window to pull back the curtains and the sight of a mother feeding her baby caught my eyes.
Freckled memories of an episode started pouring, as I rushed towards the loo to get myself geared up to start a new writing assignment. I was waiting on Julius Nyerere, Dar-Es-Salam airport lounge as I had to board a scheduled flight to Zambia. I observed a white and a black woman both cradling the baby and feeding their respective babies difference was white was too cautious not to breast-feed her baby so she provided the baby with formula milk, whereas this amazing African woman caring about the baby’s need and urges went to the corner and started breast feeding the baby.
In Africa, you can see women of any class be it rich or poor, they take care of their kids in the most loving manner which is rapidly disappearing from the other communities of the world. “Tenderness of a mother has to be natural, spontaneous and which you cannot feel until you give birth to a baby of your own.” a wise man once told me this; only to realize its true meaning later.
The people of this world have become so conversant with career or busy with so many other activities or crazy about fitness regime, it leaves a no room for the family.
They all have their excuses, “Baby can wait, I cannot put my promotion at stake.”
“I cannot spoil my figure for a baby” or “I cannot breast feed the baby; my breasts will sag!”
There are many out there who are striving for family but only after their eggs have dried out and adoption processes start. Even with some who has chose kids and family over job and...

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