Nussbaum’s Capability Approach: Bangladesh Scenario Essay

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Nussbaum’s capability approach is a check list that incorporates the threshold level of human capabilities, as she argued. These functioning of these capabilities are of central importance in anyone’s life. Thus, he argued proper functioning of these capabilities should be guaranteed by the constitution of every nation. Many capabilities of Nussbaum’s approach are already incorporated in Bangladesh Constitution. Here we will give a brief overview of the condition of these capabilities in Bangladesh.
The condition of this capability is not good in Bangladesh. Govt. not only could not ensure safety of life but also supports life harming activity. Extra-judicial killing is one such example. In 2009 alone, 125 people died in crossfire by law enforcing agencies.
Bodily Health
Health especially reproductive health improved in recent days but still not in a satisfactory condition. Maternal mortality rate is 320 which are higher than expected level and only 24% of births are attended by skilled health personnel. Even those who can afford private clinic facility often did not have the right treatment.
Bodily Integrity
In Bangladesh, no one really safe against assaults. The case is worse for women and children. In 2009, 357 women raped in Bangladesh, among them 158 were gang raped. Not only that, many killed after being raped. To be worse, some rape victims were whipped to death by fatwa of local arbitration, as in the case of Hena, a 14 year old girl from Shariatpur.
Sense, Imagination and Thought
There has been some progress in attaining this capability. Basic primary education is almost universal and gender equal. There is an ongoing curriculum change to enhance the creativity and imagination of children.
As there is widespread violence against children and women, it causes fear and anxiety among them. It hampers their proper emotional development. But there has been also some positive change in recent times. Govt. banned corporal punishment to students by teachers in August, 2010.
Practical Reason
Fulfillment of this capability is quite impossible in today’s Bangladesh as govt. and society failed to give protection to children, women and most vulnerable people. Planning and executing one’s own life as one’s desire is not possible because of this insecurity. A data shows during January-July 2008 period only, about 13,000 women became victims...

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