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Nutmeg In Grenada, The Many Sides Of Black Gold

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Nutmeg – The Many Sides of Black Gold
There is something found in this particular island that can be used to flavour and prepare certain foods, used in several medical remedies and also be used as psychoactive drug. With these uses only a sample of the overall uses, it is no surprise that in Grenadians refer to this as ‘Black Gold.’ It is so important to this particular country, that if it wasn’t for a few natural disasters, Grenada will still have its place among the top producers of this product, number two to be specific. I am sure that all the Grenadians in this class have figured out to what I am referring, if you haven’t yet it is none other than the ‘Nutmeg’. Good afternoon Mr Charles, T.A.’s and fellow classmates, my purpose today is to educate you about the many sides of the versatile fruit that is the nutmeg. I plan to first highlight the uses nutmeg has in food preparation, its importance in the medical field and lastly nutmeg as a recreational drug.

To any top chef around the world, nutmeg is a highly prized spice. Nutmeg is known for its aromatic, aphrodisiac and curative properties. In Grenada, nutmeg is an important ingredient in many of the indigenous dishes. It can be made into a delicious ice cream and also made into jams and jellys that can go with anything from bread to pork. For the alcoholics of the class, nutmeg can make any cocktail or rum punch into an exquisite experience. As a matter of fact, grating a little nutmeg over your shot of rum is said to increase your expertise in the bedroom. The famous oildown, national dish of Grenada, is also known to taste substantially better with a pinch of ground nutmeg added.
Besides being a great addition to food and beverages, nutmeg also has some medicinal values. According to Kate Keyhoe, world-renowned food critic ‘Four hundred years ago, nutmeg was the most valuable commodity, owing to its potent medical properties.’ Some...

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