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Nutrition And Weight Loss Essay

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In our life, nutrition plays a very important roll and people need to be more educated about it. Obesity is a significant problem in our society; more than one-third of the adults in America are obese. The majority of people who try to lose weight do not know how to deal with it and therefor they end up whit different results coursing severe injuries to themselves. There are so many different types of diet programs advertised in the media and it is can be very confusing to know which one you can trust to be effective, which one actually works for you. To determine whether a diet works or not for you, it is necessary to know your own metabolism and how it works. Today, many people do not properly control what they consuming on daily basis and are not aware on how to properly balance their diet because they are not educated in how to count the amount of nutrients intake per day. For instant, everyone should be conscious on what is nutrition, the properties of minerals, nutrients and vitamins, what are their values and the effects of each element in various nutrients. However, there is a special system to loose weight, for some people it might or might not work satisfactorily. Lets see what are the characteristics of a sound diet by Robert C. Atkins, MD, who is the founder and medical chairman of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine, in New York City. A 1951 graduate of the University of Michigan, in which involve the right in adequacy, balance, calories, moderation and variety.
The characteristics of a sound diet should be accomplished by five most important categories. adequacy, balance, calorie, moderation and variety. First adequacy, meaning that, it is always necessary to have the right amount or just sufficient of essential nutrients, fiber, and energy which is provided by the calories intake to maintain a good health. Atkins diet does not same to have a right amount in settle nutrients which make the diet to be week for some people by developing deceases such as colorectal cancer, heart decease, deaciness, head ache, weakness, constipations, etc.
Second, balance a diet need to have a balance. It is very important that a diet to have an appropriate amount of quantity of servings from a variety of food choices which can provide the nutrients which others might not. For example, a diet must have milk for xxx, meat for xxx, fruits for xxx and vegetables for xxx. Atkins diet does not provide the appropriate balance on his diet. He does not allowed people to eat fruits and dairy products during the first step of the diet. He mostly encourages you to eat another type of nutrients that are higher in fat such as saturated fats as other fats, every thing is high in calories.
Calories are important to the body to give the energy which helps the brain to function more efficiently. Calories are provided by foods that are dense nutrients and help to maintain a healthy weight. Atkins diet provides a vast quantity of...

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