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Nutrition And Its Effects On Criminality

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The criminal justice system in the United States focuses its efforts on issues such as over- crowding in prisons, police brutality, hot spots, and the like. Although these are all very important, the most important could be considered; where the issue of criminality could be coming from. The focus here is the link between nutrition and criminality. The importance of good nutrition will be reviewed as well as the criminality linked to poor nutrition. Research has found the importance of a good balanced diet makes a big difference in the way that a person’s brain functions. Lack of education on nutrition in low socioeconomic areas can be to blame in this aspect, as well as a lack of funds ...view middle of the document...

Some children’s criminality may be influenced by genes, others by their environment, although, most of the time it is a combination of the two that creates the issue.
It is now generally accepted that foods can make some people ill. These adverse reactions to foods vary from minor welts to life threatening anaphylactic responses. These responses can affect any part of the body, these can be immediate or delayed, and they can vary as well with time. For instance, if someone were to have an immediate reaction to peanuts or lactose, then the culprit could easily be identified. However, it could also be an unsuspected association with sensitivity. An example of this would be gluten sensitivity, especially without symptoms of celiac disease. This type of sensitivity could play a part in causing a neurological disease. (Hadjivassiliou et al, 1996) (Dickerson 1998) The purpose of this research is to bring to the foreground evidence of nutrition as playing a part in the evolution of criminality in our society today.
Literature Review
According to Dr. JWT Dickerson , over 20 years ago, Dr. Feingold suggested that hyperkinesis and learning disabilities could be due to artificial food flavors and colors. Many studies have been conducted in order to disprove this thought, although they have not been successful. Dr. Dickerson states there is also evidence that independent of food additives, a wide range of foods, varying in their nature from one child to another, may be involved in causing attention deficiency and hyperactivity in susceptible children. A question is also presented: Is it possible for a negative reaction to a food substance to be at blame for the unruly, disruptive behavior of some children? Dr. Dickerson answers this with, “Unless such reactions are seriously looked for, the possibility of their existence cannot be lightly dismissed. A case could be made for such children to be under the care of a dietician as well as a child psychologist or psychiatrist.” There are many children who are affected by this.( Dickerson, 1998)
One of the most influential patients of neuroscience would probably be Phineas Gage. On September 13, 1848, this American railroad engineer was compressing explosives into a hole, using a tapered iron rod, when the powder went off. The rod was blasted through his face and brain, damaging both sides of his prefrontal cortex (PFC). Surprisingly, he survived his injuries, but his behavior changed, for the worse. He was pious, shrewd and steady before the accident, but after he had become impulsive, capricious, and profane and vacillating, his friends stated that he was no longer himself. (Taylor, 2012)
The Prefrontal cortex uses a great amount of resources; it is also very sensitive to the intake of dietary influences, particularly essential fatty acid intake. AN fMRI study done in elementary aged boys (8-10) found that DHA supplementation boosted PFC activity. Additionally, among children in the UK, a higher...

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