Nutrition And Physical Activity Essay

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Throughout the progression of time, there has been a constant influx in weight

amongst individuals. Historically, individuals lived healthy lives, which was evident in

the manner in which they ate and the daily labor brought about by a different era of time

and living. Within society today, nutrition and physical activity are not of the same

importance as historically it was to so many individuals. The research question of appeal

is does physical activity and nutrition play a key component in maintaining a healthy

lifestyle? The independent variable, is the amount of healthy nutrients and physical

activity decrease the likelihood of obesity and weight related health ...view middle of the document...

(3) The

null hypothesis; of those who have not participated in physical activity and health and

nutritional eating habits within the last six months are more likely to health and weight

related issues. (4) The alternative hypothesis claims, individuals who have in fact

engaged in physical activity and nutritional eating habits over the last six months, are less

likely to have health related conditions due to diet and exercise.


3. Statistics

According to a report done by the U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services, “more than 60 percent of American adults are not regularly physically active.

In fact, 25 percent of all adults are not active at all” (Surgeon General, p.12, 1998). A

study conducted by Suzan Robroek, regarding Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

found that of the 23 studies conducted regarding health and nutrition, there is a constant

amongst “the imbalance between physical activity and nutrition is an important cause of

overweight and obesity, which in turn are important risk factors for cardiovascular

diseases and other chronic diseases. The World Health Organization reported that,

globally, there are more than one billion overweight adults and at least 400 million obese

adults. In the primary prevention of obesity, a large variety of health promotion

programs are offered” (Robroek, p.2, 2009). Each individual is given one place to live,

your body. How individuals decide to take care of their body is up to them on an

individual basis. A longitudinal study was conducted by Klesges, (1992) and found that

there is an ever present “relationship between dietary intake, physical activity, and body

weight change”. Throughout the studies, there is ongoing link between research and the

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