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One basic key to survival is eating, but this very notion is a double-edged sword, because of the risks involved with various food sources. While many may not think of what we eat as food safety issue, it is nonetheless an important factor in the widespread net of food safety concerns. What we put into our food can help or hurt us, thus creating a safety concern. If people wish to live longer lives, they should be aware that of the top ten leading causes of deaths in the United States, several are related to food consumption. This statistic is mind boggling because of the sheer fact that people are literally eating themselves to death. If society is made more educated in regards to these risks, and these risks are more clearly linked to food consumption, then people will be better equipped to make choices that will lead to a longer, healthier life. The Okinawa diet from Japan is one solution to the U.S. problem of overeating.
Two particular diets that are bad for us include: fast foods and processed foods. They have been linked to health problems that our society is facing today. However, not all of these foods are terrible for us. It is important to also know that we can consume some of these foods but it must be done so in moderation. In today’s society, not only are the majority of food diets unhealthy, but so too are the portion sizes and timing of meals.
Most of the fast food ingredients are products of factory farms which are highly processed, grown with high levels of pesticides and fewer nutrients (Marano). Fast food and processed food have a negative effect on an individual’s weight, cholesterol, arteries, pancreas, liver, and kidneys. Increased weight leads to complications concerning the pancreas, liver, and kidneys; mainly associated with a disease called diabetes. High cholesterol, the build up of plaque within artery walls, can also be the result of being overweight (Marano).
Another negative effect that is contributing to food related diseases is the fact that our society consumes large portions of food in one sitting. When someone looks at their plate piled high and wide, they will most likely eat the whole thing. So many people today do not understand how to control their portion sizes and that is why they overeat. Just as home cooked meals can be better for you, in that you can personally monitor it, the same goes for portion sizes (Elliot). One way to do this is by purchasing single portions of snacks or ordering half or smaller sizes of meals, versus a full or “biggie” size. Also, attempt to snack on more fruits and vegetables, as this will decrease your chances of developing a food-related disease (Living smart). When dining out, portion sizes are predetermined, and most people choose to eat it all rather than waste it or take it home. Research has shown that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with larger portions (CDC). Compared to years ago, the portion sizes have increased...

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