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Nutrition At School Is Important Essay

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Junk food, junk food, junk food is around all corners of schools. Chocolate, cookies, soda, potato chips, and Sour Strings may sound delectable to some people, but are they nutritious? Some people wonder if there should be a change. Encouraging exceptional nutrition in schools is essential by reasons of students will consume foods that are better for them, schools will pay less for meals, and fewer students would go hungry.
Better nutrition in schools is critical being students will eat food that is better for them. Research shows students that eat school meals are more likely to obtain a healthier weight than students that bring a lunch if the school abide National School lunch program ...view middle of the document...

If schools follow this act it is cheaper for them because they get money and do not pay for the meals. State governments gives reward to schools that give free reduced lunch prices, for example one instance was in Wisconsin schools received $2,250 for each low-income child in kindergarten through 3rd grade using the NSLP. These schools are proof that this NSLP is cheaper and they get extra money for each meal.
Encouraging better nutrition in school is important because fewer kids would go hungry. In Michigan a child went to pay for his meal and his balance was unpaid so he was denied a lunch. The minute the principal found out he decided to do a school meal program that had students pay later or have lunch for free (Student Denied Meal Because of Negative Balance) This child out of many could not afford a meal and the school did something about it by getting a school meal program so no child will go without food again. The (USDA) U.S. Department of Agriculture is an act that gives money to pay for low-income students’ lunch. Studies show forty present of families are considered low income in the districts (Bass and Free Lunch Programs). This meaning forty percent of families cannot afford a meal for their children and a school meal program will give food to those children who need a lunch. Studies show in Kentucky, which was the first state to enroll in the school lunch program. Low income families are saving around $500 a year (Free Lunch Programs). When these families are saving $500 a...

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