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Nutrition For Endurance Athletes Essay

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TABLE OF CONTENTSEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 31.0 INTRODUCTION 42.0 BASIC NUTRITION 73.0 NUTRITION PRIOR TO EXERCISE 84.0 NUTRITION DURING EXERCISE 95.0 NUTRITION POST EXERCISE 106.0 COMPETITION NUTRITION 127.0 DIET "FADS" 148.0 CONCLUSION 189.0 REFERENCES 19EXECUTIVE SUMMARYEndurance sports have become popular participation sports within the last few decades. Running, cycling, and triathlons are among the most notable endurance sports. An endurance sport requires physical activity for an extended period of time usually longer than an hour. The nutrition of endurance athletes is important and consists of three main food stuffs: carbohydrates, fats and protein. Carbohydrates are the most important to an endurance athlete whether it is prior to exercise, during or after exercise. During exercise glycogen stores are depleted and carbohydrates are the main source of fuel to replenish these stores whether it is during before or after exercise. Protein has the main role of synthesis and repair of muscle tissues after and during a workout. Fats also play a role as a source for energy during low intensity exercise.The many different diets that are currently available all claim that they work at reducing weight and that the diets are good for you. From the perspective of an endurance athlete none of these diets provide enough nutrition for the metabolic needs and amount of calories used except the Canada Food Guide. The Canada Food Guide does provide proper nutrition for an individual whether it is an endurance athlete or person looking to loose weight.The nutrition of an endurance athlete is important and the best way is to follow a balanced diet and eat at regular intervals in conjunction with exercise. These healthy habits will lead to faster recovery times, increased injury prevention and increased performance.1.0 INTRODUCTIONNutrition is an important aspect for all athletes and especially the endurance athlete because of the stresses placed on the body during activity. Nutrition is believed to improve performance up to 6% if used properly. Inversely the negative effects of nutrition can decrease performance up to 20% making proper nutrition important for the best performance in races and training.There are many different diets and products out there for athletes to use but not all will give the optimal performance in endurance athletes. Some of these diets include "The Zone", Atkins and South Beach. There are also different times for different diets such as prior to exercise, during exercise and post exercise. There are significant differences required in a diet depending on when the energy for food is consumed. There are also different types of products available to fulfill the needs of athletes such as sport drinks, energy bars, energy gels, supplements.There are different energy requirements for different people. For Example a 45kg female marathon runner will have a different energy requirement than a 125kg male football player. It is also shown that...

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