Nutrition In Ancient Greece (Until The Time Of Homer)

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Our knowledge of the diet until the time of Homer varies. There are findings in Palaeolithic and Neolithic sites , archaeologist and university studies and of course the works of Homer.

As for Homer and his works , the dates go as following :
Homer lived around 900 BC.
He wrote about the Trojan war that was about 400 years before his time.
Combining the diet of his era , with rhapsodies he heard and learned it is safe to assume that the diet he reported during the Trojan war contain many elements of his era .

The oldest findings we have for seeds in Greece are dated between 11,000 BC and 7300 BC and show us the usage of wild plants such as barley , oats , lentils and peas and also ...view middle of the document...

Milk and cheese go into the Greek diet as well.

The diet during the Mycenaean Greece must have been based on barley and wheat , while the consumption of animal products was rather limited for the common people. The average height of men of the time was 167 mm according to bone findings suggesting a diet low in protein .

The text we have from the period indicate an austere diet but recent studies and wide mainly amphora of Midea , an area west of the palace of Mycenae , give us further information . The molecular archeology reveals that before and during the period of the Trojan War in Greece and the wider region cooked meat with vegetables or legumes, such as they do today. The research vessel Midea dating around 1340 to 1185 BC reveals that the food cooked in it was meat with olive oil in a complex recipe.

Of particular interest there is a story in Greek Mythology that suggests that Hephaestus had made a tool used to make noodle strings of dough (pasta ) . The word spaghetti in Greek (μακαρόνια) can be derived from the word “ blessed “ (μακαρία ). It is known that the Greeks were implementing dried preparations of flour left with oil and wine in the tomb of the dead ( the Blessed ) .

The first reference to the existence of pasta dates back to around 1000 BC in ancient Greece, where the word " laganon " described a wide form of dough from...

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