Nutrition, Obesity, And Disease Essay

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For everyone, nutrients are an energy source for the body, they maintain and support the growth of body tissues as well as regulate the body processes (Lutz & Przytulski, 2011). Health care providers have the responsibility to provide their patients with information that can be helpful in their daily lives but also provide information about nutrition that can prevent some diseases from occurring. Obesity is considered to be a major health crisis all over the world, it can lead to diseases such as: stroke, heart disease, hypertension, some cancers and many more (Coe, 2010). In 2010, research shows that 24.5% of adults in England were obese and 13.9% of children were obese, this number has ...view middle of the document...

Doing all of these things will decrease the risk of becoming overweight or obese and also developing diseases that come along with obesity.
The relation of the lack of nutrition leading to obesity and diseases continues to be shown across the world. Not only is obesity largely linked to diabetes, but now cancer is linked to patients who have diabetes. In the past four years there has been research performed that showed an increasing risk for cancer in people who already have diabetes. This risk is not true of all cancers but only a select few, the most common shown in research were liver and pancreatic cancers, the risk is considered to be a double than just a small percentage as for those that do not have diabetes (Morganstein & Feher, 2013). This is creating a domino effect from lack of nutrition leading to obesity, to obesity leading to diabetes and diabetes leading to cancers (Morganstein & Feher, 2013). Treating diabetes and cancer simultaneously is not an easy task, according to evidence-based management, patients with diabetes who develop cancer have to face many challenges to continue proper and successful treatment of their disease, even if it was already well controlled before the cancer appeared (Morganstein & Feher, 2013).
When looking at the outcomes of patients that have diabetes and cancer, research shows that the overall survival rate of these patients is reduced. The reason that there are problems between diabetic patients that are diagnosed with cancer start with steroids, there are high doses of steroids used in oncology which reduce symptoms during chemotherapy. Research shows that these doses can lead to extremely high glucose readings, not only in those with diabetes. It also explains that hyperglycemia may make the toxicity of chemotherapy worse than it already is leading to more problems (Morganstein & Feher, 2013).
Nutrition is also hard to maintain because of the opposite diets that may be given. A cancer patient...

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