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Nutrition Plan For Students Essay

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The Core Body of Knowledge: New York State’s Core Competencies for Early Childhood Educators is a set of standards, written by the NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council for those professionals who work with young children in different areas. The standards exist to provide daily practice for professionals who wrok with children. It is a guide for programs administrators and directors to help them assess the performance of the their staff and to help in area that need developing. They help training organizations with evaluation and development of opportunities for professionals. They assist teacher education programs. They support local and stat agneices in policy making and public and private investments. The standards are separate into seven core competency areas as follows: 1. Child Growth and Development; 2. Family and Community Relationships; 3. Observation and Assesment; 4.Environment and Curriculum; 5. Health, Safety, and Nutrition; 6. Professionalism and Leadership; 7.Administration and Management. Each of the seven core competency areas has core competenices within them to elaborate on what is expected of professionals who deal directly with children. Using the fifth core competency, Health, Safety and Nutrition, my lesson plan will focus on 5.10. G. “Engages children in discussion about foods that help them grow and stay healthy, and how to choose snacks and meals wisely.”
In order to teach young children about healthy foods, I would create a lesson plan with the help of the food pyramid. In the beginning of the lesson I would ask the child questions to introduce the topic of foods. I would use a large pyramid that was not filled in. I would explain the food pyramid to the children. The next part of my lesson I would focus on each food group that makes up the pyramid. I would start at the bottom of the pyramid with the grain group. I would have pre-laminated food names tags. I would have some blank tags just incase the children named a food that I do not have. I would explain to the children what the grains group contains and together we would brainstorm about more foods. I will repeat the steps for...

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