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Food is a universal need similar to writing. Writing is one of the best means of communication and without it we would not thrive as a society. As with food, everyone needs it to be able to flourish. Writing in any field is crucial for communication especially in nutrition because dietitians are dealing with people on a daily basis. Writing in various styles encompasses most of what dietitians do for a living. The minimum degree for employment is a Bachelor’s degree, however recipients of a Master’s degree tend to go further and enjoy greater success. A career in Nutrition can be very versatile, because of its broadness. The kinds of writing that are required continue to diversify. After conducting an open-ended survey of six Nutrition majors, which comprised of three undergraduate and graduate students, responses indicated that most of the answers varied from person to person. Although, there were some answers that correlated like graduate students being more focused on quantitative analysis and the interpretation of data, including reports and charting, undergraduate students writing style are more centered on research papers.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, dietitians are experts in nutrition, healthy eating, and advising people on a balanced diet (“Dietitians and Nutritionists”). Even though none of the subjects have become registered dietitians yet, the graduate students are the closest. They are more prepared and have more exposure in the field through previously being an undergraduate. Therefore, it has helped them to formulate more detail-orientated answers. Even though the responses were anonymous, for the entire survey it was clear which questions were answered by the graduate students. For example, one graduate surveyor for the first question defined each writing style that she regularly used and how it related to what she was currently doing in the Nutrition field, while most of the undergraduates’ answers were brief summaries. The length and quality of the answer connected to their opinions on how they valued this survey. It also correlated to how much knowledge they have accumulated thus far in their career. Graduate and undergraduate students’ writing is not only different from length and personality, but the actual preferred style.
The survey revealed that graduate students’ writing styles are more centered on writing reports and charting. One graduate defined charting as “Measurements to find the nutritional status of the patient and their progress.” In the career of Nutrition, reporting and charting patient’s information is crucial not only for the patient, but for the dietitian. Two of the graduate students talked at length about the importance of documentation through reports and charting. The first assessors specified, “The importance lies in the data collected about nutritional status of patients or clients. Without documented progress and measurements, we cannot determine an accurate portrayal of a person's...

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