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Nutritional Learning Team MatrixDetermine the nutritional requirements, the common nutritional deficiencies, the potential side effects of those deficiencies, and the diseases associated with poor nutrition related to the given stage of life in each group. Answers may be provided in list format. In addition, provide a 100-150 word summary for each section of the chart that explains any major similarities or differences in the information.Stage of Life - Nutritional Requirementsfor Optimal Health Common Nutritional Deficiencies and Their Potential Side Effects Diseases Associated with Poor Nutrition at Selected Stage of LifeChildren Infant6 mo. old -dependent upon breast milk or formula-an ...view middle of the document...

oldGrains - up to 11 servings dailyVegetables - 5 servings dailyFruits - up to 4 servings dailyDairy - 3-4 servings dailyMeats, Eggs, Fish - 3 servings-Vitamin B6-iron deficiency-headaches-anemia-convulsions-nausea-vomiting-flaky skin-sore tongue-fatigue-small, pale red blood cells-low blood hemoglobin levelsAdults Adult Male33 yrs. old Grains 9 oz.Vegetables 3 and ½ cupsFruits 2 cupsMilk 3 cupsMeat, and Beans 6 and ½ oz Not enough water DehydrationNot enough fiber DiarrheaHeart DiseaseHemorrhoidsPregnant Woman30 yrs. old Grains 6 to 11 servingsVegetables 3 to 5 servingsFruits 2 to 4 servingsMilk 4 to 6 servingsMeat and Beans 3 to 4 servingsNot enough Folic Acid can cause Low Birth Weight, Premature Delivery, or Fetal DeathAnemiaDepressionElderly man or woman70+ yrs. old Grains 6 or more servingsVegetables 3 or more servingsFruits 2 or more servingsMilk 3 servingsMeat and Beans 2 servings Lack of Calcium OsteoporosisLack of Vitamins General weakness ArthritisMemory LossLifestyle Athletic27 yrs. old 6-11 serving of complex carbohydrates3-4 serving each of...

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