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Dietitian Essay

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“Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness” - Edward Stanley. In this quote the author was saying that eating right is not just about maintaining a healthy weight; it affects your total state of well being. Having poor lifestyle habits can cause people to become more susceptible of a disease in their near future. These diseases can be prevented by eating right. Most people would think that a dietitian's main task in their job force is to put people on a steady diet to enhance their health. This is somewhat on the right track but at the same time it is not. Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition, they give dietary advice, help promote healthy eating habits and develop diets for people.
To begin with, some advantages of being in this profession “would be working with other members of the hospital team. For example, an occupational therapist, physical therapist, nursing staff. They just are able to give you a more accurate view of how the patient may be behaving.” –Nerissa with that being, the dietitian will know if their client is in a bad mood or not, and will have a better understanding on how to approach their client. Another advantage of being a dietitian is “being able to give people information about how they can eat well to maintain health.” -Pauline On the other hand, some disadvantages of being a dietitian are “having limited opportunities to follow up on advice.”-Nerissa Another disadvantage is “having to teach patients at the bedside”-Nerissa mostly because they are often not listening, and it is hard to make contact with them.
A typical day as a dietitian could vary depending on the number of clients, and where they work. Dietitians can do various things throughout the day: they educate and advise clients on how food and healthy eating habits can prevent illness and maintain maximum health, they can also study nutritional content in food, make recipes, educate other health care professionals about nutritional issues, work with companies to support well being programs for staff, run clinics, and write reports and case notes for the media. The work environment for a dietitian can be in hospitals, nursing homes, and or cafeterias. Dietitians provide advice to individual clients, or they may also work for health care establishments on a contract basis. Dietitians work normally 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.
In order to become a dietitian a person would have to earn a bachelors degree, which is four years in college from an approved program, complete an internship, and pass an exam. As an example the costs for a dietitian’s bachelor’s degree at Wayne State University is $20,000 a year and an average of $ 80,000 for all four years. When a person gets out of college they can expect an average starting salary at $42,570 a year. A median wage can average out to about $51,400 a year. An experienced dietitians wage can average out to about $61,250 a...

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