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Nutro Natural Choice Advertisement: An Analysis

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Have you ever thought if your puppy is getting high quality ingredients in his or her dog food? There are many varieties of dog food on the market, but that does not mean they are all good for your dog. This advertisement for Nutro Natural Choice for puppies appeals to consumers’ need to nurture and escape. This ad convinces consumers that with this dog food their puppies can grow up to be healthy and more.
This ad appears in the February 2011 issue of Country Living magazine. The cover features a white living room in shades of creams and ivories. On the cover teasers state such things as, “The Simple Beauty of White: How to Mix and Match Neutrals; Easy Ways to Add Drama with Texture,” and “Comfort Food: Mashed Potatoes! Short Ribs! Chocolate Cake!” The contents inside include articles such as “The Insider’s Guide to Decorating with White,” “In Praise of Potatoes,” “The Best of Brattleboro, Vermont,” and “Home Cooking.” There are also advertisements for products such as Olay Regenerist, Twining’s Lady Grey Tea, GMC Acadia Denali, Iams dog food, and Sweet’N Low. Inside are recipes, beauty products, the newest room designs, and much more. This magazine targets women who are mothers who are either working or stay at home moms.
This ad for Nutro Natural Choice has a catchy title that runs right through the top middle of the page. The title states “How Will He Ever Grow up To Be the First Dog on the Moon with Brittle Bones, Bad Teeth and A Weak Immune System?” The Nutro Label is on the top right
corner of the page in bright orange, and each letter is trimmed in black surrounded by a white oval circle. At the bottom of the page are the facts about Nutro dog food. Nutro Natural Choice helps pups reach their full potential with high-quality natural ingredients that promote the growth of strong bones and teeth. The ad goes on to state that ALA and DHA are used for healthy brain development. ALA (Alpha-Linolenic acid) is used for the development of good vision. DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is from fish oil, and is a proven nutrient for healthy brain development. Down below the facts on the bottom left corner is the website for the product. On the bottom right corner is a picture of Nutro Natural Choice dog food with a cream colored cocker spaniel dog on the bag.
In the background of this ad is a picture of a man lying down on a mountain top with a dog on his stomach. The man is lying in a supine position, with his right leg just slightly bent to his left leg. The man has brunette hair and is wearing a red sweater and blue jeans with blue converse shoes. An army green back pack is under the man’s head, which slightly extends his head forward. The dog is a Jack Russell Terrier that is in a sitting position on the man’s stomach and is facing towards...

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