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A Value Lesson: A Fictional Narrative

1307 words - 6 pages

Once upon a time, there were three boys who have been friends since elementary school. Dave, Mike, And Jordan were there name. One day, these three boys were walking to school one day Dave trips over a white paper bag on the sidewalk. “Oh snap” he said, “What’s Up” says Mike and Jordan. Dave picks up the bag and opens it and he finds a gun and two full bags of weed. Dave looks at Mike and of course Mike looks at Jordan. All three of them are looking more puzzled than anything. Jordan comes out and says “What are we going to do with it” and they all think for a while not even thinking about school. Mike bursts out and says “Lets Smoke It”. So, they are two blocks away from the school and they hear the bell ring so they all get scared then. But, nevertheless they decided to hide it and Jordan knew just where to hide it too. They choose to hide it until they got out of school at three o’clock then they were going to come back and get it right after. Jordan knew a ducked off spot right around the corner from the school so the boys put the things in Mike book bag and began to walk. Finally they reached the spot a block from the school. Jordan then pulled a brick from out of the wall and stuck the gun and the weed inside it and places the brick back like it was never gone. As they began to run to school, Mike yells “Stop” they all stopped suddenly, and he said “ You guys have to promise you want tell anybody at school today” Jordan answered and the Dave answered. Dave quickly runs off because now he realizes that they are 5 minutes late for school. They all quickly ran and began to panic because they just knew the teacher was worrying. They then began to start heading toward the school, finally they have arrived to Bailey Middle school. The bell has rung five minutes ago just as Dave thought, so they hurry and go to their locker and get to class. Dave, Mike, and Jordan were all in Mrs. Jones class, and as they run in the room the teacher stops them and asks where they been and why where they late. They all begin to explain and the same time and she yells “Just take your seats please.” Mrs. Jones immediately starts to teach her lesson while she’s in mid-sentence; Tracey the nosey girl of the class turns to Dave and says “I know why you guys were late”. As soon as she said that Dave began to sweat instantly, and begins to worry. The day is slowly moving along and all the boys thinking about what happen that morning. The next bells rings and they all get up to head to the lunchroom for lunch. The boys all sit in the exact same spot every day during lunch. Just so happen the boys started to talk about what they were going to do with the money and then Tracey walks up. Soon as she gets to the table she immediately starts to talk about everything and they are all looking around like what’s going on but Dave is worried that she’s going to slip and say what she knows. Then all of a sudden she calls Dave’s name and asks him “why he didn’t tell her he asked...

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