O’connor, Flannery´S The River: Child Abuse Theme

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Child abuse is something that is very apparant in the world but ids something that people find awkward to talk about. Flannery O’connors short story “The river” talks about a young boy Harry who isnt taken care of very well and has a hard life. Harry is taken out of his familiar city life, to an unfamiliar country life and quickly learns that what he knows isnt how the real world is. Harry notices little things in the world around him. Harry notcices the beauty of the sky, the sun and the birds flying all around in the sky.

Harry’s parents don’t really know how to raise a child. The spend thier days partying and drinking. Harry is mentally abused and pohysically abused. He has no real ...view middle of the document...

During the baptism Harry reveals the truth of his mother and that angers the Preacher, “The preacher looked angry and startled. The red drained out of his face and the sky appeared to darken in his eyes”(O’connor168). Harrys parents told the sitter that he wasnt normal and that he needed to be fixed but in relaity the parents are the one with no faith and have no idea on how to be a real parent. Harry going to see the preacher was supposed be change and make him become a better person, but the preacher relized that the things in Harrys life is not good and that the only thing that really needs to be said to him is that he is wanted. Harry never gets told at home that he is needed and loved so he thinks of himself as being a useless nobody and no child should live a life like that. The preacher gets mad at the fact that he was praying for his mother when really it was done by her own doing and that it was just a hangover.

Throughout the story Harry shows great determination and great longing to be changed and to be better and to have faith and to live in the graces of the lord. “The sky was a clear pale blue, all in one piece— except for the hole the sun made—and fringed around the bottom with treetops”(O’Connor173). The sky expalins his desire for faith and the sun, just like in many other stories represents faith. The sun represnts the central tendincies of all beings and how important the sun is for us to live, faith is just as important for us to live a...

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