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It is a given that Flannery O’Connor is one of the most recognized southern female writers. This is mostly due to the pure religious content and reality in her writings. One of those stories, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” is one that combines her love of religion with her personal experience. It is a story on which its simple beginning tricks the reader, and its complex ending brings both questions and tears. What looks like just a field trip vacation turns into an unnecessary massacre for the purpose of understanding both religion and the human race. In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” O’Connor is able to leave impressions of her life on the location, characters, and scenes by the use of her love of religion and life experiences.
Most of her life, Flannery O’Connor traveled around the United States, yet most of her life was spent in a place near Milledgeville, Georgia (May 17). On this detail, we can infer that it was no coincidence that she picked Georgia as her starting location for the story. It was a town she knew best, and could certainly describe to the perfection any places that she would’ve wanted to add. In the case of the story, O’Connor only describes one place, The Tower, and a little restaurant inside it where the family dines in. “The tower was a part stucco and part filling station and dance hall set in a clearing outside the Timothy” (O’Connor 302). Deferring from this description, O’Connor must have been in that place at least ten times; because a person who has never been to Georgia could never know what The Tower, its location and the Timothy were, nor would they have been able to guess on such a place. O’Connor included some of her life settings in order to make the story’s setting more realistic and credible.
Flannery O’Connor was mostly known for her intense passion in the studies of the religions of Catholicism and Southern Evangelism (Georgia). O’Connor included religion in all of the aspects of her life until her death. Despite that, she limited herself in what she would do for religion, so it can also be stated that her devotion was clearly based on her personal will to sacrifice depending on the occasion. An example of this is the time that she went with her mother to a pilgrimage in Lourdes to pray for a cure to her Lupus. Although she went to the ceremony, she told her friend, “…I am one of those people who could die for his religion easier than take a bath for it” (May 21). Not only did Flannery O’Connor follow religion to her extents, but she also satirized it many times on other stories like “Good Country People” and “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.”
On her most famous story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” O’Connor satirizes the Catholic’s religion definition by using her characters. She includes a fallen Angel, and an Angel misjudged. The central characters of the story, the grandma, Bailey and his family, are meant to represent us sinners. Secondary characters like Red Sammy and The Misfit are the...

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