O'neil's Debate And Argument On Education

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O'Neill's Debate on EducationStudents are not getting the Basic Knowledge neededtoday due to the poor upbringing and lack of respect for theneed of education.In O'Neills editorial his reason for this was becausethe students as a whole did not want their ignoranceexposed. However, he forgot to include that teachers arejust as ignorant as the student. Give a teacher thesame test and see hoe much they remember about what they wetaught some odd number of years ago. It's not safe toassume that because a person can't remember who the 31stpresident was, that they don't have the basics of gobblehistory . How many teachers know the basics, if asked onthe spot.Lets Examine another quote from O'Neill's editorial inhis opine Charie Chaplin a classic movie star, and thatbecause when asked about him no one know who he was, Well ,if the students didn't watch old TV shows on the latenight TV channels then how would they know of Charlie?They don't cover a class in classic television. There forethat question would be unfair to pit on the test. O'Neill'sjust assume that everyone is raised in the same back groundas him. Charles Darwin did not create gravity but he didbelieve in evolution. The concept that we were originatedfrom organs to monkeys then humans. In church we stray awayfrom that kind of talk 'that is the devil trying to scoreyour mind' that's what they would say.O'Neill says 'I broke the rules of this time-honoredgam when I presented my English-composition students with an86 question test the first day of class.' Know that allstudents think of doing the first day of class.Concentrating on a 86 question test is a common studentsretinal. The student always for every question read itthrough out and back and forward. O'Neill told the studentsthat the students that it wouldn't be graded. Any time youtell students that, automatically that means just fill itout. As long as it get done. You...

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