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O Pioneers! Literary Analysis

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Alexandra Bergson is the main character of this story. At the beginning of the book, when her father dies, she takes over the farm with some help of three brothers. She is the mastermind to the plans on the farm and is the reason why their land is so plentiful and expanded. In some ways she is a traditional woman of the 1800s, but she is also very much like a modern woman.
She is a pioneer from Sweden and came to America when she was little on a boat. She is traditional in the sense of caring for her family and doing housework and not working in the fields as much. She also becomes like a mother figure after her parents die, which is what a traditional women would do in this day. As ...view middle of the document...

Alexandra was the type of woman who didn’t care what others said or thought about her, she did things the way she wanted to no matter what. She is a very realistic example of how woman could prosper in the 1800s by doing what they want and not worrying about what others think if they set their mind to something they could do anything. She didn’t care that women were typically not the head of the house, she worked hard and it paid off. If more women in this era would’ve been like Alexandra women may have had a bigger part in society earlier.

Great Novels: Setting 1

The setting of this novel takes place in the Midwest during the 1800s. Each character looks at the land in different ways. Alexandra and her father look at land in very much the same way. Lou and Oscar don’t appreciate the land as much. And many of the minor characters see the land has potential, but they don’t know how to use it.
This novel started out with the Bergson’s father. He went through many hard times with the land and it was never very good to him, but he always had faith in it. When he died he passed that faith and the land on to Alexandra. Alexandra always felt that the land was home to her. She found that the harder you worked the land and the more effort you put into it the more you get out of the land. She found out how to get the land to get what she wants. She always saw the potential in the land just like her father did.
Lou and Oscar saw the land as money. The reason they wanted to keep, sell, or work the land was always for money. They were never attached to the land like Alexandra was. They also never saw the potential or the faith in the land until Alexandra proved that it had it. Even when Alexandra was thinking about marrying Carl, they only worried about the land. They believed once the land wasn’t plentiful anymore that they didn’t have use for the land anymore. They worked hard for the money, but part of the reason it didn’t mean may be because their father didn’t leave it to them so they could’ve felt betrayed.
The other characters in O Pioneers, see the potential, but they don’t understand how to get that potential out of the land. This is why they go to Alexandra for help. Many of the characters don’t know how to work the land so they give up on it. The way the minor characters see the land doesn’t help the view of the land, they think it’s not very rewarding which is way many leave the land.
The human efforts definitely influence the land because when Alexandra learned how to work with the land, she could figure out how to get what she wants. Although the land does change a lot, Alexandra learns how to predict what will happen and this helps change the land into what she wants it to be. How the characters see the land and use the land influence their relationship with it. Overall, the land is one of the main reasons that this book is what it is.

Theme Symbol: Number 3

The parts and titles of this book describe, for the...

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