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President Barack Obama and Eric Thomas both gave some similar messages in their speeches. They used they’re position of power to help the students feel more comfortable so that they can listen to what is being said cautiously and carefully. President Obama’s speech mostly was about the importance of education. Eric Thomas’ speech was more motivational.
In President Obama’s speech, he gave some examples on his childhood and how being in a totally different country where they didn’t speak English. His mom didn’t have enough money to send him to school so he ended up being homeschooled. He sacrificed many leisure’s and didn’t have a problem with waking up early if it meant advancing intellectually and furthering his education. Obama also stated that you can be anything that you want to be you just have to apply yourself in your work studies.
On the other hand, in Eric Thomas’ motivational speech he explains about the secret to success. One of the reasons is that the only way to be...

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