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Obama Care And Physical Therapy Essay

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Health care in America. A small waiting room where a television is blaring, seats are filled to capacity, people are coughing and the sound of the main office door slamming constantly is tragically rhythmic. Most people would say that it is standard. "My view is that the health care reform should be guided by a simple principle: Fix what's broken and build on what works. And that's what I intend to do throughout career and life as well." President Barack Obama made this statement at a conference for the American Medical Association. Medical assistance in this country is in the process due to the the Affordable Care Act Barack Obama passed in 2010 which puts the individuals, families and business owners at the forefront to be in control of their health care needs. Physical Therapy plays a major role in the medical field, it helps many Americans get back on their feet literally as well as figuratively by educating people in preventative care, implementation of proper ethics and executing as a professional Physical Therapist. The Affordable Care Act is important to the field of Physical Therapy because it affects businesses and patients alike, impacts a person's life for the better, assures Americans livelihood and also has determined the career path I would like to pursue.The rising cost of copayments affects the field of Physical Therapy greatly.Physical Therapists are pushing for state laws to reduce high copays for Americans to receive proper treatment . In an New York Times article in June 2011, Queens native Dino's copay per visit was $50. His insurance, Oxford Health Care only paid five dollars. As of June 2013, Missourians were paying as high as $75 for a copayment. Senator Eric Schmitt signed a state law limiting patient copay for physical therapy services according to an article on Presently, a Telegraph News article stated that in September 2013, Senator William Haine met with Steve Schewegel, A clinic manager of Alton PT to discuss the financial situation in Illinois. Schewegel says if co-pays rise to the same level as the cost of an office visit, insurance companies will not be required to reimburse a patient any money for the service provided, which in turn puts an additional financial burden on patients and constrains physical therapists' ability to practice. He also added "What happens is that I employ 33 people that I look at as a family, and if co-pays start moving towards $60, then my visits will plummet, and I might not survive.""My highest insurance contract is for $70, so if the patient's co-pay is $60, they won't come in for treatment because it costs too much out of pocket". Senator Haines stated that a state law is fastened together by the Affordable Care Act and is unpredictable of what to come in the future.Furthermore, Physical Therapy is about preventive and recovery care. A healthy child is the future of America. The Affordable Care Act impacts pediatrics as much as the geriatric spectrum of the medical field....

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