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Success Of Obama Care Essay

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Our nation is heading for a serious change in ways of operating due to the passing of Obama Care. Some believe that universal health care is the answer to many people’s plights. By making health care universal, our government feels that it will allow Americans to be healthy. However, there is a price to pay for health care. Most small businesses and citizens will have to pay for insurance regardless of income, and if not paid they will face penalties. Obama Care will hurt our economy and taxes will increase, resulting in a lesser income for most citizens. Small businesses will take a loss because without more money in peoples pockets there will be no spending to stimulate our economy. With the increase in taxes that small businesses already pay, and the new cost of Obama Care’s mandatory insurance plans, small business owners fear that they will not survive. The Obama administration has instilled hesitation and doubt within small business owners, but there are options for small business owners that could keep them afloat; furthermore, the ultimate test on the success of Obama Care will lie in the hands of our doctors.
With the growing anxiety of small businesses resulting from Obama Care most business owners will have a monumental trial ahead of them. In many regions of America, business owner’s fear that the jarring impact of Obama Care will result in mass lay offs, and force businesses to shut down. For example, in an article by Pete Daly called, “Brann: Affordable Care Act ‘not the way to go.” The owner of Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille, argues, “that the Affordable Care Act will decrease his workforce, increase his debt, and ultimately result in a closer of businesses. Forcing small businesses to pay insurance for their employees is not just, because many owners do not simply have the funds to afford Obama Care.” Another account of disapproval of Obama Care is from the author Nancy Kaffer. In her article, "More Small Businesses Look To Trim Health Care Costs" Kaffer argues that there is a large amount of concern in Michigan due to Obama Care. Kaffer states that, “39% of respondents said they were considering retiring, closing or moving their business, all due to the fact that the cost of health care is so detrimental to their own business.” The fact that Michigan business owners want to close their businesses adds to the anxiety that more lay offs will result because of Obama Care. Michigan already has had it rough with the recent recession in 2008, and with the addition of Obama Care the state of Michigan’s economy could dissipate. In the article "Will the Health-Care Law Help Small Businesses? --- Will it make Life Simpler and Offer More Choices, Or Drive Up Costs and Stifle Growth? Two Experts Lay Out the Cases, Pro and Con" by Jonathan Gruber and Tanner D. Michael. Tanner states, “41% of small businesses said they have already held off on plans to hire new employees, and 38% said they have pulled back on plans to expand in other ways.”...

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