Obama Suggestions: What Top Two Priorities Should Obama Accomplish In His First 2 Years And What Is The Best Method Of Achieve So?

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I believe that Barack Obama's priorities should be the economy and the progress in Afghan. Economic- wise, Obama should increase employment and minimize foreclosure that is wrecking thousands of Americans nationwide. Personally, I think for Afghan - he's done the right thing with putting more troops in. Economically, the stimulus plan has good intentions, I just don't believe it is the right approach.The US goal in the Middle East is to: 1) secure peace, 2) minimize extremism, and 3) protect Israel. The best US strategy in accomplishing this involves hard military force as well as a soft force (such as diplomacy, culture, negotiation, etc.) By using a balance of these two forces, the US can achieve stable democratic governments in Iraq and Afghan. This a) takes out two key bases from the Talibann/Al Qaeda, and b) weakens Iran's influence which in turn helps Israel. By helping Israel, peace can be maintained in the area and that is a goal the US should strive for.However, the economy is a more pressing issue. I think that in order to raise market confidence (meaning how confident investors are that buying shares will yield profits for them), should not be solved by a stimulus. Considering that the stock market went down by 100 points when the stimulus bill was passed, the solution is clear: 1) limit injection of funds to large (and thus important) but failing financial institutes, 2) reward success by establishing a public-private relationship that involves the government becoming a stronger OVERSEER but not a controller. So basically the government hands out contracts for big plans like...

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