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Obamacare Is An Imperfect Fix Essay

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Since June 6, 2009, President Barack Obama told the American public multiple times, “If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan.” The public later found out that this was not the case. If your health care plan did not satisfy the minimum federal requirements then you will lose your plan and will have to find another one. House republicans have tried to repeal the bill almost 40 times because they claim it is a major threat to the economic health of the nation. Despite all of the political rhetoric about Obamacare over the past few years, most Americans do not know what it is and how it affects them. While Obamacare does attempt to fix some issues in our ...view middle of the document...

According to while the law does minimize the premiums of the ill and the elderly, it does this on the backs of the young and healthy. On average, premiums rose by 41% throughout the country. (Roy) The subsidies do help to reduce the sting but it does not do enough, especially for those who make near 400% of the poverty line. According to David Nather, the subsidies will make sure that about 9.5% of income will go to premiums. That is much higher than the fine, which takes up to 2.5% of income in 2016(Nather pg 42). Most people may not even sign up in the first place because it is cheaper if they pay the penalty.
According to David Nather, the bill also plans to set up something called a health exchange. A healthcare exchange is a virtual marketplace where you can shop for health insurance. It is “Expedia for healthcare” essentially(pg. 71). The exchanges were created for small businesses and for people who cannot get employer based insurance or they do not want insurance from their employer. Health insurance cannot refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions. The new standards make sure the plans fall into one of four categories. These categories are as follows: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. According to Nather, bronze plans cover 60% of all healthcare costs; silver covers 70% of all costs; gold covers 80% and the platinum plan covers 90% of all healthcare costs. All these values are averages so coverage will vary (Nather pg. 76). If health insurance companies raise rates too much, they will be removed from the exchange. Illegal immigrants cannot use the exchanges(Nather pg 81). The exchanges will have information about how much you will pay in an emergency, the deductible, and how many people enrolled and left the plan. Because the exchanges are state run, the states decide whether they want to offer coverage for abortions; federal funds cannot be used to subsidize an abortion. While the health exchanges are good and they allow consumers to get what they want, the law only focuses on insurance. According to Kyle Becker’s “Check out the Outrageous Profits Insurance Companies were making before Obamacare”, insurance companies made a 3.5% profit, while drug companies make a 20% profit and medical device companies make a 12% profit. The Affordable Care Act focuses too much on the insurance industry for America’s increasing health costs. In fact, they are not even a major player, the culprits appear to be the drug industry and the medical device industry profiting over everybody’s disease. Another driver of health care costs that Obamacare has missed is the doctor’s salaries. According to Mark Hagland’s How your Doctor Gets...

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