Obamacare Is Punishing Working Class Americans Essay

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A family of four, making nearly $24,000 a year, is situated just above the national poverty line. Even though the family doesn't have health insurance, they are maintaining their current lifestyle. Now, this struggling family will have to come up with an extra 7,000 dollars annually to cover the health insurance being forced upon them by the government. The Affordable Care Act is punishing American citizens and it will not fulfill its purpose to lower the cost of health care for our country. Its poorly constructed plan is only a band-aid that is patching up a problem that will lead to more problems in the future.

Realistically, a family of four just above the poverty line wouldn't be able to afford health insurance even if they were getting some assistance from the government. The government's concern for people who are unable to afford health care is good, but pushing another expense on people is no way to solve their problem. Janet Trautwein the CEO of the National Association of Health Underwriters -- a company that specializes in health insurance suggest that “Health insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive”. There is no way to lower the cost of health insurance the government can interfere all they want but it will not do anything but driving the cost of health insurance up.

Over the next year the cost of health insurance is going to go up. Why? That is simple. Insurance companies are going to have to accept everybody, no exceptions. Yes, that means if someone is dying and the hospital, medication, and any other health related bills start piling up they have to get health insurance and the insurance company is not going to be able to drop their plan or deny them coverage. Karen Springer a local insurance agent for Billmark Insurance in Alexandria, Minnesota is concerned about the Affordable Care Act “Over the past month I have been dealing a lot with ObamaCare”. Karen is a first hand witness of the negative effects of the Affordable Care Act. Insurance Companies are going to have to alter their current health care plans to include the following: accepting everyone for insurance, children under the age of nineteen must have dental insurance consisting of two cleanings and check ups per year, eye check ups including coverage for glasses or contacts, and an annual physical covered 100% by the insurance company. All these extra requirements being inforced by the government is going to cause the cost of health care plans to go up so insurance companies can cover the new expenses. Even if a person doesn't want the extra coverage on their plans its going to be included along with a jacked up price. The Affordable Care Act is not looking so affordable.

Individuals checkbooks are not the only place that is going to take swift punch to the gut. Small businesses -- having 50 or less employees -- are also going to take a brutal hit. Several plans provided by small businesses will have to be terminated unless they are changed...

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